Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Powder Room!

This weekend has been busy. Super busy! H, J & I went out on Friday and purchased most of the items to get us started on the powder room! {Squeal!!} We hit up The Home Depot (for chair rail), Lowe's (for bead board) and of course Goodwill! I picked up a bunch of goodies there for cheap. Real cheap! Goodwill = amazing deals. Every time.

Here's the picture frames we picked up! Aren't they delish!?
Ok, so not really, but I'll make them look purdy... trust me!

Next we have all the glass bottles we scored! (Oh, and of course my little H being a ham... as usual.)

She's just too darn cute so I had to add the second picture. Who doesn't love that face!?

 Moving on.... Because the house is in such a funked state I wasn't sure exactly what theme or feel I wanted for the house. I knew I wanted something modern, but elegant at the same time but wasn't sure how to pull it all together. So after a couple hours of browsing on google images, I found an amazing DIY blog that had the EXACT idea I had been looking for! You can view her amazing blog and her original idea for her powder room here. She even gives you step by step instructions on how she did it, which is exactly what I used! Thank you Sarah!!

Now here's a few pics of the actual transformation:
After the paint went on the walls. (Well 3/4 the way down the wall actually.)
My slight mishap! Note to others: When moving the ladder, remember to take the paint tray OFF the ladder first!!! (Note the awesome painting clothes and how I'm rockin' the pretty nails!)
The secret ingredient: bead board WALLPAPER! Looks just like the real deal!
We removed the old TP holder. It was outdated and was going to be waaay too hard to wall paper around that sucker.
The Hubs cutting the chair rail.
The "almost" finished powder room!! {EEK!!} 
I love, love, love the way it's turned out so far! Unfortunately, my card reader has died and I have no way of getting my pictures off my camera tonight. {Boo.} So I'll have to upload some more tomorrow when I actually get out to the store to buy a new one. But last night we changed the light fixture, added a FAB mirror {also a Goodwill purchase!!} and a new towel bar and TP holder. I bought a few accessories and some shelves that I still have to put up. Oh, and look what I've done with those picture frames and glass bottles my pretty little H was modeling with:

Check out this DIY tutorial on making milkglass bottles!
 I can't wait until I have everything done and put in it's place!! Getting so close to being finished! Thanks everyone for reading and stay tuned for more of the powder room!


  1. great blog!!! looking forward to other posts. ~ giulia

  2. Thanks Giulia! I'm looking forward to sharing many more of my home decorating stories {and mishaps!}

  3. I love your powder room! Next spring we might start working on our upstairs bathroom...I've got to start looking for ideas!

    That wallpaper stuff...does the package say you can paint over it?

  4. Heather, YES!! It is paintable!! I love that it looks like the real deal! And it was $21.00 a roll at Lowe's!