Friday, August 12, 2011

Wall Art... I Actually Made Some!!

I LOOOOVE the Tip Junkie website. I am subscribed to get daily emails of all the great DIY stuff, printables, different party themes, and about a million other fantastic things like that. Last week (before I started the powder room) the Tip Junkie email had a wonderful link to a blogger that has a tutorial on how to create your very own wall art for the non-artist like me! It looked simple enough, so I went for it! You can find the original link from Tip Junkie here and you can find the original tutorial here. LOVE the colours and how it turned out, but one person who commented said it would look amazing in cherry blossom colours and that got my mind going! H's room is light pink and I thought it would look divine above her dresser or bookshelf!

Now I'm going to show you my process. It turned out WAY better then I thought! {Considering I can't draw a straight line... but then again, art doesn't have to be all straight lines... no?}

H, J & I headed to one of our fav store's again... the dollar store! We bought some canvas, acrylic paints and a few brushes to add to our ever growing collection.

They only had chisel tipped foam brushes, so I used my scrapbooking scissors to {attempt} to make a rounded edge. It really wasn't all that successful, so just ended up using a regular more fine tip brush.

I started out by drawing some brown lines for the tree trunks.

Next I added round circles of various colours and sized all over the canvas.

Then I simply added more dots until I was satisfied with the amount of circles. I also added a couple of extra branches here and there if I thought there was a spot that needed to be filled.

That's it!! That's how easy it was! H really likes her new painting, but it's actually too small for her room! Sooooo, I went out to Michael's {who was having a sale on canvas last week} and I bought a two pack! Now I can re-do this one {bigger} for H's room and then do it again {in different colours} for J's room! {Yes, I'm excited, and if you haven't already noticed... I use a LOT of exclamation marks! haha.}

Be sure to check out the original post to see all of her step by step instructions. Her's are also done in "boy" colours, so you can see a different approach. If you do this, please feel free to send me a link or a picture so I can see what you came up with!



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