Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Girls' Bathroom! Part One.

I'm finally back on the home reno bandwagon and have decided it's time for my hiatus to end. Next up, the girls' bathroom!! Now when I say "the girl's bathroom" it doesn't mean they actually have their "own" bathroom. It's the house bathroom upstairs. But The Hubs and I have a full ensuite, so we don't use the main bathroom and the girls do. Hense the term "the girls' bathroom."

Now that all the terms are clear, lets move on. I have been so excited about this project ever since I cooked it up months ago! I wanted to do something that little girls would love, but also something they could grow into as they got older so I wouldn't find myself having to re-do the bathroom a few years from now.

I will warn you that this blog post is merely a TEASER preview because I haven't received all the items I need to finish it off. I can't get the set in Canada and my SIL is bringing it up from NY when she comes to visit in two weeks. With that being said... let the tease begin!!

Here's what the bathroom looked like before:

 Doesn't that peach colour just do it for you? I mean really? Peach? Of all the nasty colours in that builders counter top, the previous owners chose peach to put onto the walls!? Well to each their own, but I'm just glad it's GONE now!

A friend of mine just happens to live a few houses down from me and she and I have the same model of home. She and her wonderful fam have been here for 5 years I believe and have done quite a bit of work to their place (which is stunning BTW!) Totally gives me hope for our house and makes me happy that I'm not the only one with an interesting hunter green ensuite to deal with! Anyway, she pulled the grey colour from the same counter top and it looks awesome! So I decided not to re-invent the wheel, and went with the same colour, Smoked Oyster by Benjamin Moore.

I went with a Paris theme but with the adorable Hello Kitty for my little girls! It has shades of grey, baby pink and a hot pink too. We bought a chandelier from IKEA (LOVE Ikea!) and new curtians.

  Don't you just love Ms. Kitty's adorable little beret!? My wonderful SIL bought this shower curtain for Christmas. SO cute!

 Yes, I do still need to iron it out. I was just so excited to finally put it up that I didn't want to take the two minutes. 

Loving these fantastic curtians we bought at Fabricland! They didn't have anything I like material wise, and then we found these. I think it was actually cheaper to buy them already made then to buy the material to make them. 
And lastly, the chandelier from Ikea. Totally stoked about this part.

Is it bad to be jealous that your little girls have a WAY cooler bathroom then you do!? Cuz I have to be real and say that I'm totally jealous! {wink.} As soon as I have all the other little accessories in, and my Uppercase Living designs up, I will post pics and update this post! Thanks all for reading and keep in touch! 


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