Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Long Time No Post... What I've been up too...

So I've been super busy these last few months and I haven't really had time to breathe much less compose a blog post. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE blogging, but between sewing, scrapbooking, working and spending time with the Fam, I've been stretched thin. I have however taken the past few weeks to chill out, rethink what's important to me and now that I'm regrouped, I'm ready to get back at it! A huge sorry to anyone who enjoys my new little blog as much as I do!

Now... What have I been up to? I'm so glad you asked!!

As you know a newer passion of mine is sewing! The Hubs bought me one for Christmas this year and I am IN LOVE with it!! I always wanted one, but thought that I wouldn't really use it. Boy was I WRONG! There are so many free patterns and online tutorials our there just waiting for me {and you} to use! Pair that with Pinterest, and it's a win-win combination. Here's a list of projects I've made in the past few months from FREE online tutorials!

Let's start out with the "It's A Cinch" Bag I found on Pinterest. This is the first bag I have ever made, compete with a lining, inside pocket AND zippers!! {Squeal!} Yes, I'm THAT excited about it! The original blog post and tutorial are found here. Katy has a bunch of wicked tutorials on her blog! Go check her out!

Holding my new beauty!
The outside. I'm SO proud! {No, really I am. You have no idea!}
The inside {including the zippered pocket!!}

I've also made myself an adorable little clutch to go inside my new bag. It was by far the hardest project I've worked on to date, but I am not really a super fast learner am just starting out, so for the novice it was difficult, but for the pro, I bet it is easy peasy. It's called The Gathered Clutch Tutorial, which you can find here. It's a FREE tutorial, but I opted to purchase the pattern so I could have a few handle options, and I can also sell them in the future if I would like. I just adore how it turned out! {And it's now my go-to clutch.}


I've also made a skirt {found here}, a necklace {found here} and adorable matching dresses for H & J using upcycled curtians!! {Yep, curtians make for fantastic summer dresses! You can find that tutorial and downloadable pattern here.}

Before {on the windows in J's room} and After {on J!!}

The circle skirt! LOVE it! Can't wait until all the snow melts... Oh the joys of living in "the snow belt" during those lovely Canadian winters.{Oh, and don't you just love my awesome green counter top? It comes with lovely hunter green tile... EVERYWHERE in my master bath. When I said power of sale... I wasn't kidding.} 

Well, that's what I've been up to lately. Sorry for the time away. I'm back and hoping to stay on track by posting at least once a week! {Seriously though, don't hold me to that... you know how crazy life can be!}


  1. It's like I'm looking in MY mirror LOL...except you're way skinnier than I am... :)T

    1. LOL T!! :Our bathroom is going to be the LAST thing we tackle with the home make over project so I guess I'll have to live with it for a few more years. At least I know I'm not the only one swimming in a sea of hunter green! ;o)

  2. Oh...and I envy the sewing...I can do it, just don't have the patience...LOVE the cinch bag, you can make me one of those in your spare time ;)

    1. It's not that hard!! It took me only 7 hours but it went by SO fast and her instructions are great! Really easy to follow and understand! Give it a try! I'm sure you'll be quite proud of the outcome.