Friday, October 07, 2011

Home Made Microwavable Popcorn! {Yes, you read that right!}

As you are likely all starting to realize, I'm pretty cheap economical. I try to save where I can as most mommas do. Here's a little tip on saving money on microwaved popcorn... Make your OWN! Yep, you DID read that right! Here's what you need:

Brown paper bag {like what you used to take your lunch to school in}
popcorn kernels {I buy the uber cheap no name kind.}

That's it! Pour a layer of kernels into the brown paper bag {while the bag is standing up covering the rectangular bottom} then fold up the end a couple of times. Pop it on it's side in the microwave on the popcorn setting and viola! Home made microwaved popcorn without all the mess and cost of Oriville.


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