Thursday, October 06, 2011

Living Room... Thoughts?

As you all know, we're giving some love to our "power-of-sale-fixer-upper." We came up with ideas for the family room, bought flooring, picked fabrics for curtians and are finally going to buy our paint this weekend! Buuuut, I had no idea what to do for our living room. Noda. Nothing. Zilch. Like I mentioned in my previous post, the living room and family room are connected by a large double size doorway that used to have french doors once upon a time. Since I'm on a serious time crunch, I decided tonight after The Hubs was out and kidlets were in bed, it was time to get some ideas!

After viewing thousands about a hundred pictures on google images, I think I've come up with some inspiration for our living room!! {Squeal!} It's not really something I would have normally been drawn too, but I did want blue incorporated into the main floor and when I saw the colours, I knew these were the ones!

Wait for it.........

Ta da!! This was the original picture that I saw and I LOVE IT!!! {EEK!!}Ok, so not all the crazy patterns, but the colours are exactly what I want! Here's another picture:

I really like how the colours mix. We also have a dark wood entertainment unit so when I saw this picture, I knew it would go with our current furniture. {Well, the entertainment unit we're keeping, everything else is going!}  

Ok, one more picture....
These are a bit more muted, but I still love it!

So that's all for tonight! What are your thoughts? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Now just to convince The Hubs.....


  1. I love love love it too!! It is similar to my kitchen combo. I hope Chris loves it too.

  2. He just said it's good! He was thinking I wanted bright pumpkin orange, but when he saw it was more of a burnt colour, he was good with it. :D YAAAY!!