Sunday, September 04, 2011

Powder Room... Finishing Touches?

I have been so busy in the last couple of weeks that I haven't done much in the powder room but really need to finish it up this weekend! I have a couple of  frames that I rescued from Goodwill and repainted white to match the bathroom.

One is 8x10 and I was thinking of putting a black and white picture of J's foot when she was 17 days old. It goes on the shelf above the toilet {at least that's the plan.} Maybe something like this:

The other one is more of a long rectangular shape and it will go on the wall opposite the toilet, beside the door. I have NO idea what to put in there! I was thinking of leaving the backing off and using the blue wall as the matting and possibly putting a silhouette of some kind in it?

The accents are silver and dark gray hand towels. So I was thinking the silhouette would be dark gray. I'm not opposed to vinyl lettering like you would find with Uppercase Living but any kind of saying would have to be small since I'm pretty sure I'll have to put the frame vertical on the wall. What do you think? Here's the shot of it horizontally.

Just not the same eh? {Yes, I'm Canadian!!} Any thoughts or suggestions on how to finish this room off would be GREATLY appreciated!! ;o)


  1. horizontally looks best in my opinion ;-) And have something in there like a black and white picture of a bathroom scene. Its hard to explain, like those pictures that older people have in their bathrooms, or have a saying in it. I'll look for pics and send u what i am somewhat talking about lol.

  2. or even something abstract, depending on how modern u want it to look ;-)

  3. I think it would look nice horizontal or vertical. You could do a shadow picture (know what I mean?) of one of the girls with a flower in her hair or something?


  4. Send me the measurements of the inside of the frame and I'll see what I can come up with ;)

  5. Thanks for the input! I have a few ideas now but I'm always open for more! I have a billion rooms to redecorate in this house so the more ideas, the merrier! :o)